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David Backhouse

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David Backhouse is a highly experienced solicitor advocate, with Higher Rights of Audience allowing him to represent clients at both the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

He has extensive experience defending individuals accused of a broad range of offences including sexual offences, serious violence, firearm posession, homicide, robbery, drug offences, serious fraud, organised crime and driving offences.

David was born in Canada but grew up in Kenya. He studied his LLB at De Montfort University, qualifying in 1997. He has since worked in Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire, taking on privately funded cases to ensure that his clients receive the highest quality service and guidance.

David takes on privately funded cases, ensuring that his clients have the highest quality service while navigating them through the complex situations they find themselves in, and always aiming for the best possible outcome. 


His attention to detail and dedication to his clients is repeatedly praised.

David Backhouse sentence case successfully appealed.


James McCrindell, Barrister at 23 Essex Street (instructed by David Backhouse of Austin and Carnley Solicitors) successfully appeals sentence for soliciting to murder - Court of Appeal reduces sentence from 12 to 6 years imprisonment.


David Backhouse was instructed in this solicit to murder case involving the dark web in August 2020. The case came to Trial last year and David’s Client was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. David (with Advice from James McCrindell) appealed this sentence.


James McCrindell was assigned by the Registrar of Criminal Appeals in the appeal against sentence to the Court of Appeal. He defended the Appellant in the original Crown Court proceedings instructed by Austin & Carnley Solicitors. The case concerned the soliciting of a murder via the Dark Web which was uncovered by a BBC journalist. James McCrindell argued that the sentencing guideline that applies to attempted murder should not be used in soliciting to murder cases. The Court of Appeal reduced the 12-year sentence of imprisonment passed on the Appellant to one of 6 years imprisonment.

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Are the Police wanting to have a “chat” with you? 


What is a Voluntary Interview ? 


A Voluntary Interview is when the Police ask a suspect to come into the Police Station for a “chat” about an investigation that they are conducting. 


The suspect is then interviewed under Caution and allowed to leave the station. 


It is vitally important the if you are asked to attend a Voluntary Interview that you have a Solicitor represent you.


Most people view these kind of Interviews as not important as they do not fit into what we see on TV of suspects being arrested, handcuffed and put in a cell to await an interview (like in C4s 24 Hours in Police Custody). But, any Interview with the Police is important and can have an impact on your life. 


So, if you are asked by the Police to attend a Voluntary Interview please contact David. 


With over 25 years  Criminal Defence experience David and his team will be able to advise and assist you.


Telephone: 01525 372140

Visit: Austin & Carnley Solicitors
Bridge House, Bridge Street,
Leighton Buzzard, LU7 1AH

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