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'Lewis Hamilton' wannabes?

Updated: Feb 26

Do you sometimes get tempted to drive like Lewis Hamilton? Road traffic offences include speeding, drink driving, careless or dangerous driving.

Speeding is often cited as one of the most common traffic offences in the UK, with thousands of spending fines issued each year. So for many people, road traffic offences are their only experience with the police and courts. It is important to find a solicitor who has specialist experience of handling traffic offences who can advise you through the legal process.

For minor road traffic offences, you are likely to get a fine, and / or points on your driving licence. For more serious road traffic offences, such as causing injury or death by dangerous driving, as well as losing your driving licence, you could face going to prison if you are found guilty.

You should contact a solicitor as soon as you become aware that you are being accused of an offence. Whether you are innocent or guilty of a criminal or road traffic offence, you need the support of a specialist criminal law solicitor as soon as you are aware that you are suspected or accused of a crime.

You should contact a solicitor even before you speak to the police or go to a police station (if possible), so they can tell you what to expect, and explain what your rights are.

Despite the best intentions, there can be a time when speeding fines are issued incorrectly. Should this be the case, then it’s important to seek out professional legal assistance as soon as possible.

We also understand that a spending offence isn’t as always as straightforward as it seems. So, we can offer you clear advice and concise steps that you can take. If you are in this position, and are looking for some advice on next steps, why not get in touch.



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