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The Dangers of a DIY Will

As the winter season is fast approaching, it is important to think about your loved ones in relation to writing and equally importantly reviewing your Will. A Will is an official legal declaration that sets out how you would like to distribute your estate (money, property and possessions) when you die.  Not only, this but your Will also includes the appointment of a guardian to look after your children, wishes for your funeral and who will be the executor(s) named to deal with your estate.

In recent years, the ‘’DIY’’, ‘’ 5-minute Wills’’ and ‘’Self-writing Will pack’’ has become widely advertised and therefore extremely popular. Although you can create your own valid Will, mistakes can be easily made. If your Will is not straightforward and mistakes are made, It will become increasingly difficult for your family to sort out your affairs, which can incur further financial difficulties.

As little as incorrect signing, inaccurate self-proving or not specifically identifying the executors/ beneficiaries in your Will can all amount to mistakes which can make your Will invalid. If your Will does not set out clear enough instructions to distribute your estate, this can also make your Will invalid. This can cause profound consequences such as your partner not having the right to inherit your estate, if you are not married or in a civil partnership, even if you are living together!   

Having a sufficient up-to-date Will is incredibly important if you: own property or a business, have children and/or have savings, investments or insurance policies. A Will written by a professional will ensure that your possessions and assets will go to the people and organisations you choose. We can store your Wills at no additional cost and have a team of experts which can advise you during this stressful period.

If you would like any assistance in writing, making changes to and want any advice please get in touch with reception and they can book you an appointment.


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