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The Importance of Legacy

Updated: Feb 26

Some may ask how can anyone be passionate about Wills and Probate work ?

Well, for me it comes down to legacy. Nelson Henderson said that the true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade we will never sit.

I believe that when we understand this and truly embrace it death holds nothing on us. By creating a legacy we live on.

My work helps clients see what kind of “trees” they can plant for future generations to benefit from. Together we create their legacy. It isn’t always about trust funds. A tea set passed on through the generations can have a significant impact – how many problems are halved when two people sit down and have a cup of tea in a crisis?

How we live each day is a creation of our living legacy whether it is good or bad.

My life’s work is to connect people to what I call a legacy life cycle. Connecting them to their past generations, celebrating their deceased loved one’s legacy, creating their own legacy through their Wills and curating legacy through trusts.


I feel privileged to be able to do my work through the firm Austin and Carnley solicitors which has its own legacy dating back to over 200 years ago. We love the fact that despite the many business out there offering our services, younger clients still come to us because we acted for their grandparents and parents.

The word “legacy” actually comes from medieval Latin “ legatia” or “legatus” meaning person delegated or ambassador . My business partner, David, and I feel privileged to be holding the baton for now and know that we will pass our own legacy on to the younger solicitors coming up the ranks one day.

One of my biggest lessons from the Covid- 19 Pandemic is how frighteningly quickly the world changed. Like many business owners we had no idea how things were going to pan out. However I was able to take solace by the continuity of the legacy of Austin and Carnley. Our firm had been trading for 200 years, through the Spanish Flu, through the World Wars and through the Pandemic.

Our call to action is as it was when the firm started, to provide reassuring legal advice to our clients in times of need.

Successful legacy doesn’t just happen. True legacy requires ongoing consideration and planning. Our Private Client team are here to help you enjoy writing your Will. Enjoy being able to celebrate a legacy. We can still laugh in the sad times and find the good.


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